Hello Fellow Mounties!! We are the Mount Rainier Recreation Committee and our goal is to make our community one that you want to be involved in!

We are calling 2019 The Year of Building Community. We have a lot of programs and events on the planning table to do this coming year for everyone of every age.

We also LOVE our community to be involved in what we do. We want to invite everyone to come to our monthly meetings which are held the second Thursday of every month at City Hall starting at 7:00 pm. 

If you do not want to wait until a meeting, please feel free to drop us an email @ RecreationCommittee@MountRainierMD.org. You can also join our facebook page and leave a message or PM that way. If you prefer not to do any of those, please feel free to call city hall and request a message be delivered to one of us and we will call you back on the phone. We are here for YOU! The Citizens of Mount Rainier.

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